60V Cordless 3/4″ BRUSHLESS Upright Impact Wrench 36-Stage Torque Control (max 1,330 ft-lbs)

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Durofix 60V series Cordless 3/4″ BRUSHLESS Railway Impact Wrench 36-Stage Torque Control (max 1,400 ft-lbs), RI60180

Durofix 60V series tool utilizes 60V Li-ion battery technology to deliver higher power & longer run-time with less current drawn.

  • 60V deliver higher power & more than 35%* longer run-time by drawing less current
  • Railway Maintenance Made Easy with Extended Handle Design
  • Dual Battery Bays for Doubling the Runtime
  • 36-Stage Electronic Torque Control (ETC) and Auto-Shutoff
  • Two super-bright side LEDs

* 60V platform – 60V Li-ion battery delivers higher power & more than 35%* longer run-time by drawing less current
* 36-Stage Preset Electronic Torque & Speed Control + Reverse (1,330 ft-lbs max. reverse torque)
* Dual Battery Bays for long runtime
* Brushless motor delivers high efficiency, lower maintenance & longer lifespan
* Extended Handle Design For Standup Railway Maintenance
* Built-in two super bright LED light and battery power indicator

(*35% longer run-time compared to 20V li-ion battery with same power capacity in Watt-hours)

* Voltage: 60V (60 volt battery platform)
* Drive size: 3/4″ Square
* Max Reverse Torque: 1,330 ft-lbs (1,800 Nm)
* Max Tightening Torque: 889 ft-lbs at Stage-0 (1,200 Nm)
* 36-Stage Preset & Auto-Shutoff: 150 to 500 Nm (10Nm per step)
* No Load Speed: 0 to 1,600 RPM
* Impact per Minute: 0 to 2,000 IPM
* Tool Weight: 17.6 lbs (tool only)

Other Attributes

  • SKU#: RI60180A2-6P2
  • EAN#:
  • Shipping Weight (lbs): Approx. 26.0
  • Application: Fastening
  • Tool Grade / Type: Professional Impact Wrench
  • Number of Tools:
  • Power Sources: 60V Battery Li-ion
  • Battery Platform: 60V
  • Battery Included: @
  • Drive Size: 3/4″ Square
  • Motor Technologies: Brushless
  • Max Torque (Ft-Lbs): 1330
  • Max RPM: 1600
  • Max IPM: 2000
  • Wireless Comm.:
  • Angle Measurement:
  • Case Qty:
  • Country of Origin: Taiwan

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