Jonathan s. may

August 22, 2021

Works beautifully. No problems yet. Over a year of use and still works like new. Proper care and oiling helps. Battery life good.

Cordless Ratchet Wrench | ARW1209


March 10, 2021

Works just as good as my Milwaukee i actually think it feels a bit stronger though...or maybe my Milwaukee is just old...

Cordless Ratchet Wrench |  ‎ARW1218

Peter Bartolomeo

August 1, 2021

Was skeptical. Good little tool. Battery lasts and good power and speed. I'm not a pro detailer utility I am happy with this.

Cordless Polisher Tool | ARS1214

Darrell O

March 15, 2021

Professional grade, highly recommended. I am mechanical engineer (MSME, PE)

Digital Torque Adapter |  ‎ARM602-34